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Flying Car!

One of my pastimes is aviation.  Planes, prop jets, jets, and rockets will easily get my attention. When we drive to church on Sunday or Wednesday we drive right past Bluegrass Airport. Sometimes we get stopped at the traffic light and see a plane drop down out of the sky to land or hear the roar of a jet engine as one takes off for a faraway destination. When my children were younger we used to drive to Bluegrass Airport and watch the planes land and take off. Ever since 911, there have been some restrictions which prevent us from doing that any longer.

So, when I was checking out Time Warner Cable’s website for STEM called I came across the video below. It is a Flying Car that was built by a group of engineers. In the video you will meet Carl and Anna Deitrich, both engineers who enjoy building things. Although the engine for the flying car uses regular gas and is not a DC motor, can you think of other DC motors that work in this vehicle?  Sit back and enjoy the video and listen to what Carl says about what got him into building this neat vehicle.

Quote for the Day: “If there are things you don’t like in the world you grew up in, make your own life different.” — Dave Thomas