Opto-Interrupter Motor


Opto-interrupter motor – another BLDC motor


Description: This motor uses an opto-interrupter circuit along with a Darlington transistor. The opto-interrupter has an LED on one side and a phototransistor on the other side. When the black blade is in the gap, the phototransistor cannot see the LED “light.” However, the Darlington transistor does permit electricity to the electromagnet. The electromagnet repels the closest permanent magnet which then allow the black blade in the opto-interrupter to move out of the way of the phototransistor and LED. It then “sees” the light and immediately turns off power to the electromagnet. This same action continues on and the inertia of the rotor allows the motor to turn until the pushbutton is released or the batteries run out.


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