Long Awaited Robotis Mini Robot Video

Dear friends, it has been a while since I committed to create a video of the Robotis Mini robot for all of you to view. This is my favorite robot of all time (at least for now). It was a labor of love – took about 13 hours to assemble and wire the robot plus another 3 hours to assemble the pins required to make the subassemblies for the robot.

In this video I used the app to control the Mini, however, another cool way to make this robot move is by using the voice recognition on the app. It allows the robot to headstands, rolls and advancing forward for a longer period of time. It was very satisfying seeing the robot boot up and work the FIRST time! To me the key thing about building the robot was ensuring all of the servo wiring was not too tight so the connections did not get cut or come out of the servos.



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