Tomorrow is the Big Day!

Tomorrow our 4H Robotics club travels to a neighboring county to take part in our District’s Robotic Challenge. The Robotics challenge is comprised of four events all related to robots made by Lego Mindstorms NXT 2.0 or Lego Mindstorms EV3 robotics kits.

When we first arrive at the venue in a middle school in central Kentucky, we will be presented with challenges based on Civil War Treasure Hunts. The first three are called the Alleghan Hall Riches, the Harpe Brothers Treasure, and the Union Payroll Heist. These three events test the 4H member’s ability to program a wall follower robot that goes into a maze and returns, the second one is a line follower that has a lot of sharp turns, however, if you code your robot correctly, you can take short cuts and get more points. The final treasure event involves putting a robot in the middle of a sumo ring and have it programmed where it will seek and find ‘trees’ and move them off the sumo ring in the shortest amount of time.

The final event of the day is usually the most exciting. It is a sumobot challenge where each team (of 3 or 4 students) build and program their robot to seek and find the other competitor on a sumo ring and move them off the ring. This has always been one of the best attended events at the district championships. So, our robots are built and most have been programmed. Some of our members have not had the time to actually test out some of their bots thoroughly, but the enthusiasm will be sky high.

Check back next week to find out our results!


Quote of the Day:”“It may be that those who do most, dream most.”-Stephen Leavock


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