Is there a ‘best’ way to use automation in business?

In a recent article, CIO Magazine attempts to answer this question using artificial intelligence (AI). The ensuing discussion comes down to what Andy Wilton, chief information officer  (CIO) at Claranet said about how CIOs should always be on the lookout for ways to reduce expensive resources. An example he gives is that of a “cloud-hosted AI answering machine” that can listen, recognize, and then respond to a person asking a question or speaking. His take is by installing this automation in a customer call service center, it can replace the repetitive process that drives agents to leave. Customer calls centers have high turnover and in the case of Xerox, it costs $5,000 to train a good call center agent. Anyway you can help eliminate problems and help the customer will be positive for the company and for its customers.

Wilton goes on to say, “Earlier in my career, when I worked as a system administrator, my mantra was ‘once, twice, then automate’, and this holds true today,” he says. “Any CIO’s time is precious and manually repeating operations is simply a waste of time. The development of a scheme to automate and improve repetitive tasks is a huge value proposition, and is a key ambition of any CIO.” Here is the link to the article.

Embedded in the above article is a separate article that has forecasted the first 10 jobs that will be automated by AI and robots. Here is their prognostication. You may want to consider finding another career for your children. It reminds me of those that used to make buggy whips. They had to find a new way to create income and that is what needs to be done for the future.

  1. Assembly line worker
  2. Field technician
  3. Call center worker
  4. Sorter
  5. Data entry
  6. Insurance underwriter
  7. Tax preparer
  8. Sales representative
  9. Translator
  10. Fast food employee

We should not be afraid of the future, we should be prepared by being well read and make the decision now to ensure you can be gainfully employed.


Quote for the Day: “The world doesn’t pay you for what you know; it pays you for what you do.” — Jack Canfield, author The Success Principles




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