Robotics is a Sport for the 21st century

Within two weeks of each other, a couple of authors penned articles related to robotics becoming a sanctioned high school sport and a second article dedicated to how Ohio is using the VEX Robotics competition to increase interest in STEM and future jobs. In the second article, Ritch Ramey recounts the growth of the number of high school, middle school, and elementary school VEX teams in Ohio. This demonstrates the interest in robotics especially when the teams winning the Ohio State Championships are able to participate in the World Championships that will be held in April 2016 in Louisville, KY. Past locations for the World Tournament have been Orlando, FL and Anaheim, CA.

The first article, which was of great interest to me due to its long-range effect on sports, was how Texas, Connecticut, and Minnesota are championing initiatives to allow robotics teams to be recognized as “sports” teams in these states. There are some benefits that would be effected such as support from school executives, incentives for teacher-mentors, and the ability to receive sports letters for participating. Robotics teams, like sports teams, do exhibit qualities such as teamwork, solving problems, division of labor, and competitive spirit.

Ramey ends his article with a picture and a phrase, “The Workforce of the Future!”  I’d say the future is now.


Quote for the Day: “Never deprive someone of hope; it might be all they have.” — H. Jackson Brown, Jr., Writer



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