Infographics to the rescue!

Sinotech USA produces some very good infographics. I love infographics because the person designing them must understand the key messages the company wants to portray. Sometimes an infographic includes comparisons of numbers based on years between the data presented. In other infographics, companies will bring in startling facts that can be substantiated and makes the reader sit up and reread the facts. This helps companies that make and use infographics to have what is called in marketing circles, brand awareness. The higher the brand awareness, the more likely the product or service will be bought from that company. A brand that is well known to consumers or to a majority of households is called a household name.

On this site we have examples of brushed DC motors and brushless DC (BLDC) motors. I have videos of each type and have discussed various kits or DIY (do it yourself) projects that you can build for both types. Today, I present an infographic from Sinotech USA that describes the difference between both types of DC motors. I trust you will enjoy seeing both types explained so well. For instance, the basic parts between both types are shown: brushed has a commutator, brushes, and an armature while a BLDC has a stator and rotor. In the second table, Sinotech discusses key differences between both types such as the brushed motors have brushes (duh) that wear out more quickly than the BLDC motors. Please note the infographics I put on this site are for educational purposes and I don’t receive any remuneration from Sinotech. I just like their infographics and will others in the future.

Quote for the Day: “Getting an idea should be like sitting down on a pin; it should make you jump up and do something.” — E. L. Simpson

To get a larger view of this infographic, click on it twice.



Via Sinotech


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