Who won Kentucky’s first state robotics tournament?

Yesterday was the first annual Kentucky Robotics Championship held at the University of Louisville Student Center. This was the result of over 10 robotics tournaments held since October 2013.  It all culminated with 29 robotics teams from Kentucky middle schools and high schools competing to become the Kentucky state champs.

In the end, the alliance of two Central Hardin high school teams along with a team from Elkhorn Crossing School in Scott County won the first ever robotics championship. Congratulations to all that attended (over 500 students, parents, mentors, coaches, teachers, referees, judges, and friends) and observed the enthusiasm and tense competition among the competitors. The key people involved in getting the first ever state robotics tournament launched was Doug Klein, Engineering teacher at Elkhorn Crossing School and Gary Rivoli, University of Louisville Engineering Dean.

This was a dream come true for Doug and me. Something we have been planning for the past four years for the engineering students in Kentucky.

Below is a YouTube video of the tie-breaker at the end of the event. Just another example that STEM is alive and well in Kentucky.


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