My Daughter – a Distinguished Young Woman

It has been several weeks since I last posted a blog. There were several reasons why this occurred, but the main one had to do with my daughter who competed for the State Distinguished Young Women’s (DYW) competition. She had weeks of preparation learning the dance routines for the opening and closing numbers plus she had to work on her talent – a 90 second dance routine from the 1982 Broadway show called “Cats.” Her grandparents, parents, friends, and the local DYW committee were all in attendance when her name was announced as a top 10 finalist. In the end, a young woman who played a wicked violin and spoke very well, won the coveted crown and became Kentucky’s Distinguished Young Woman. All in all it was a fantastic opportunity and I would highly recommend this program for any Junior in high school to get involved. It can only make you a better person and who knows, you might win some scholarship money.


Quote for the Day: “If you want something you have never had, be prepared to do something you have never done.”– Author unknown


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