STEM Shortage?

There have been various studies and reports over the years that point to a shortage of STEM graduates. Some say this can affect the future of the United States. Here is a link to an article from Astronaut Abby that references a STEM Shortage infographic published by The infographic gives several reasons why the United States is not turning out enough STEM graduates. Some people in higher education say that our classes in math and science are graded so hard that it tends to drive students away from STEM. Whether this is true or not, I think we need to inspire students to consider taking these classes if they show a bent toward them by age 12.

To keep a balanced view on this topic, I did find a credible article by IEEE authored by Robert N. Charette where he examines whether there really is a STEM crisis. He is articulate in his writing and comes to this conclusion, and I quote:

Clearly, powerful forces must be at work to perpetuate the cycle. One is obvious: the bottom line. Companies would rather not pay STEM professionals high salaries with lavish benefits, offer them training on the job, or guarantee them decades of stable employment. So having an oversupply of workers, whether domestically educated or imported, is to their benefit. It gives employers a larger pool from which they can pick the “best and the brightest,” and it helps keep wages in check.”

Here is the link to his article called The STEM Crisis is a Myth

I believe there will continue to be articles written on both sides of the fence. But to tell you truth, it really doesn’t matter. If you have the desire and passion to help people solve their problems using STEM, you should decide now to pursue a career that you can serve others and at the same time you will serve yourself. Like Zig Ziglar said before he passed, “You will get all you want in life, if you help enough people get what they want.”


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